Monday, February 1, 2010

Last Home Game - Lindsay Muskies

Happy Monday,
   Tonight is the very last home game for the Cobourg Cougars.  The Lindsay Muskies will bring their playoff aspirations into the Cobourg Memorial Arena along with Brandon Couto and Matt Diminie.

   Since the big trade Couto has 7 points and a +4 rating in 8 games but Diminie has struggled, by his standards, with only 3 points and a -4 rating over the same stretch.  Unlike Adam Place I think their elbows remain unbruised so we should be able to watch them play in the barn one last time.

   Behling, Sandercock and Thompson have been red hot lately so they'll be looking to get the Cougars their 11th home win of the season to finish up with a respectable 11-1-4-9  home record.  If you want to know why they're going to miss the playoffs look no further than their ghastly 5-1-2-16 road record.  Even if they win their final game of the season on the road it will still only be good for 15 of a possible 48 points in road games.  Simply not good enough.

   Come on out and watch the last game in what just might be the Cougars' last full season in the old Memorial Arena.  If all goes according to plan the Cougars will be playing their last games of the 2010-11 season in the brand new rink on D'arcy street.  See you there!

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