Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fantastic Start!

Hey Cougar Fans!

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The Cougars beat the Peterborough Liftlock Stars by a score of 5-3 last night but I can't get at the stats so I will post about that game next time. (Sorry!)  But I can talk about the first 5 games of the season...

The first three home dates of the season have been tremendous for the Cougars with wins in every contest and great attendance from their local supporters.  The importance of having fans in the building simply cannot be exaggerated - the players love playing in front of passionate local fans!

The three wins are easily explained by the 20-3 margin by which the Cougars outscored their opponents -  a solid display that they hope will continue when they go on the road next as they dropped their first two contests on unfriendly ice to open the season.

This hot start is vaguely reminiscent of last season when the Cougars opened up with three straight wins to open the season only to find themselves in an 11 game tailspin soon thereafter.  However, the atmosphere around the team and the way that they're winning the games gives some indication that we can expect much better things from this group.

Five games is a relatively small sample size but we've already seen that the goals against are down from last season and Cadieux has looked solid in every contest.  Goaltending was frequently the Cougars' Achilles Heel last season so it will be nice if Cadieux can establish some consistency and net and give the revamped defense corps some confidence.

Overall, I think it's safe to say that this team is much improved from last season and we can look forward to a very successful year - sadly our last in the Cobourg Memorial Arena.

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