Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hey folks, hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday season.  I've taken a little holiday from the Blog but there will be regular updates from now until the end of the season.  I've also noticed that some of you have been leaving comments, which is great!  Rest assured that all of the feedback we receive will find its way up to the highest echelons of the Cougars' management.

Since the big 5-2 home win over the Dukes on December 21st it's been fairly quiet but the team has played two games since.  Both were uncharacteristically low-scoring games and both were tough losses as the goalies they faced combined to stop 54 of the 56 shots launched at them by the Cougars, good for a .964 SV%.  (Or a .036 shooting percentage for the Cougars if you're a glass-half-empty kind of person.)  It's far too late in the season to play your best hockey against the best teams only to take your foot off the gas against opponents playing .500 hockey

A very tough opponent comes to town tonight in the Bowmanville Eagles.  The Eagles' record of 21-3-3-9 is nearly a mirror image of the Cougars' 11-2-4-23 mark.  Like most of the other top teams in the CCHL Bowmanville has amassed their wins through solid goaltending and special teams (9th ranked PP at 19.4%, 2nd ranked PK at 87.3%), things the Cougars have struggled to maintain consistency with this season.

Statistically the Cougars have been a decent team this season.  Not a great team, but certainly not as bad as their record might indicate.  They're 6th in goals for (156) and right around the middle of the pack in PP% (16.1, 14th) and PK% (80.7, 15th).  Goals against (166) have been an issue but there are still six other teams worse than them in that category.  In fact, their team +/- of -10 is much better than Ajax (-27), St. Mikes (-23) and North York (-24) who are all ahead of Cobourg in the standings.  It boils down to the fact that the Cougars lose too many close games and win their share of laughers.  It also doesn't help that they're 0-5 against those three teams...

See you at the game tonight!

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