Monday, December 21, 2009

(Quick) Dukes Pre-Gamer

The Wellington Dukes roll into town tonight for the last time this season.  Well, regular season anyways.  The way the standings are shaping up it's looking like the Cougars will face the Dukes if they can grab that last playoff spot.  More on that later...

The Dukes are playing a  solid season, sitting atop the Eastern Division for almost the entire season.  They've done this on the strength of consistent special teams (7th ranked PK and PP) and rock solid defensive play.

Dukes Fun Facts: (Well, fun if you're a fan of the Dukes)
- Only one (1) Duke has a minus rating on the season
- Jordan Ruby might as well be a brick wall (1.99 GAA, .940 SV%)
- They have earned 19 of a possible 32 points on the road (Compared to Cobourg's 7 of a possible 38...)

A frustrating string of close losses on the road has put a severe damper on the Cougars' playoff hopes and each addition to the L column is only making life more difficult for the Cougars down the stretch.  Winning home games is a virtual necessity for the Cougars if they want to stay in the race, particularly against Divisional opponents.

And finally, don't forget to scroll down and post some ideas for the Cougars!  I have received some great ideas already that I will post in a few days.  Go ahead!


  1. I Would like to see the web site have more updated and timely information. Follow-up game anaylsis, and information for both home and away games would be nice for those of us who follow the team, but aren't local residents.

  2. I think a picture is worth a thousand the website needs lots of photographs of the games, particularly action shots that give fans a flavour of the game. The charity events are great, particualrly when the Cougars are present and involved with younger fans.