Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Win!

It was a romp on All Hallow's Eve in the Jack Heenan Arena on Saturday night.  The Cougars blew out every bulb on the scoreboard en route to a 9-1 thrashing of the Whitby Fury.  The win merely illustrated one of the more frustrating aspects of the Cougars' season so far.

With a team +/- of only -5 through 20 games it seems like the Cougars should deserve a better spot in the standings than last in the East.  Ajax (who plays in Cobourg tonight by the way... get to the arena and watch!) has a team +/- of -7 and yet they sit a full 7 points ahead of Cobourg in the standings!  This curious statistic is a product of two things: close losses and blow-out victories.  Hopefully the Cougars can maintain this scoring touch and get on a winning streak because they need to put up some serious points to get back into the middle of the pack.

See you tonight at the game!  And hey, if you go to a bunch of games do yourself a favour and by a 10-game flex pack for $75.  You'll save 2.50 per game and they can be used at any home game for the rest of the season!

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