Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strong Outing by the Cougars

For the first time since that laugher on Hallowe'en the Cougars put on a dominating performance at home, trouncing the visiting Peterborough Liftlock Stars 7-2.

The Stars came in with one of the lowest GAA's in the league but the Cougars unleashed a steady barrage of shots on Zac Fryia, chasing him from the net at the end of the 2nd period.  The backup, Real Cormier, fared no better as he allowed 3 goals on 14 shots in the third.  The Stars lack of scoring punch was evident all night and particularly while their forwards whiffed on a few one-timer opportunities when the game was still somewhat close late in the second.  Behling had to make a few good stops while the Stars had the man advantage but the Cougars gave him a relatively easy night between the pipes.

Cobourg has established two very effective scoring lines up front and have been giving opposing defenses fits when they gain possession down low in the offensive zone.  The line of Couto and the Diminies was prolific, combining for 5 goals and 9 points, which took some pressure of of the Place-Thompson-Foote line, which had been very productive for the past few games.

Things got a little out of hand at the end as Cobourg continued to dent the twine.  Emotions boiled over when Troy Barss dealt a vicious two-hander to Brendan Sims after the whistle had gone.  Sims was the bigger man, skating away and refusing to get involved in the Stars' childish antics.

The Toronto Junior Canadiens come in tomorrow with 15 wins under their belt so they'll present a tough challenge to the Cougars who will need all of the momentum from last night's game to get a win.  On a positive note, Toronto is 5-8 on the road so hopefully Cobourg can capitalize on the Junior Canadiens' struggles away from home ice.  Kelly Jackson and Jason McDonough have been a dynamic duo combining for 30 goals and 77 points so far so it will be important for the Cougar's D-men to shut them down.

Come on out and support the team.  7pm puck drop at the old Barn!

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