Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18th Pre-Game

Hey there sports fans!  I covered tonight's matchup in my blog the other day but I'll try to give you a bit of a primer here.

Firstly, you should all visit the CCHL website and check out the stats they have there.  Pointstreak does a phenomenal job of compiling statistics and on the day of or day before a matchup you can find a detailed team comparison up in the Scoreboard area. It's seriously like 37 pages of information - no typo.

If you peruse that particular document you'll discover that the Junior Canadiens really know how to score - or at least two of them do.  If the Cougars can shut down the line with Jackson and McDonough they might escape with two points.  If not it could be a long night for Mr. Behling.

In contrast, the Cougars have developed some scoring depth with Matt Diminie, Adam Place, Brandon Couto, James Diminie and, recently, Dylan McMahon all lighting the lamp.  James Diminie has been particularly resurgent of late and you can find a great article about him in today's edition of Northumberland Today.

For those of you who have Twitter but aren't following the Cougars, shame on you.  For those of you who don't have Twitter, go get it!  It's just a simple way to keep track of the things and people you're interested in.  Go here to sign up and HERE to follow the Cougars!

For those of you who do have Twitter and do follow the Cougars, congratulations!  You were fortunate enough to have seen the following stat:

The Cougars have a team +/- of -1, not counting special teams, meaning that the opposition has outscored Cobourg by a total of one goal all year (100 GF, 101 GA).

The Ajax Attack has been outscored 124 - 105 on the year (-19).

Despite this, the Attack sit at 10th overall in CCHL standings while the Cougars sit at 17th.  Frustrated yet?

Come out tonight to watch the Cougars get back to a positive team +/- for the first time since October 5th!  For those of you scoring at home that means they will outscore the Junior Canadiens, thus winning the game and establishing their longest winning streak of the year at four games.

Go Cougars!

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