Monday, November 30, 2009

Pre-game & New Rink!

OK, new rink first.

As of March 2011 the Cougars will have a brand new ice surface to play on and you can help to determine how the facility will end up.

Go here to take a look at the 5 proposed designs.  There are concept images and layout designs accompanied by a 2-page press release for each of the 5 companies bidding on the project.

I like the look of the Peak design and it has a nice plan for an upstairs atrium with a view of both pads.  However, the Bird design has by far the best seating arrangement as it is the only plan that has seating going all the way around the ice surface.  The other 4 designs propose a style similar to the Belleville Bulls' arena, which is a fine facility, but I like to have seats behind the nets and in the corners.

All 5 companies are going to make a 10 minute presentation about their design proposal tonight at 6pm at the council meeting.

You also have until this Thursday (December 3rd) to fill out the "Design Response Form" found on that page so fill one out and make sure your voice is heard.

Oh right, the pre-game.

The Stouffville Spirit are in town tonight.  You know, that team with the great penalty killing and awful power play?  They're also one of 5 teams within the 27-31 points range in the standings that the Cougars (23 points) need to make up some ground on, so there are two important points on the line.  Come on out and watch!

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