Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cougars' Christmas Fan Forum

Eight more sleeps people - Better get on that shopping!

In the spirit of Christmas, and specifically giving, I thought it would be a good idea to give the fans an opportunity to give us their ideas.  So I strongly encourage anybody reading this who has ever said "The Cougars need to *fill in the blank*" or "I'd go to a Cougars game if *fill in the blank*" or "I've always wondered if the Cougars *fill in the blank*" to scroll down and *fill in the blank* in the comments section.  All comments can be posted anonymously so there's no need to fear any retribution.  I only ask that everybody keeps the discussion rational, reasonable and constructive.  I will delete comments that don't make a meaningful contribution to the discussion to make sure that this is a welcoming and positive experience for everybody involved.  That doesn't mean you can't be critical - The Cougars are having a pretty rough season after all - just keep things in the Christmas Spirit.

The Cougars are in a transitional period right now.  New ownership with local connections has taken over the team, there is a new rink on the way, and the team is looking for ways to get the fans really involved in the team and to make the Cougars "Cobourg's Team".  And what better way to reach the fans than to ask for their own opinions?  Team management is very eager to give the community what they want to see and I guarantee that your comments will be seen by the coaches, management and ownership.  So please, if you have any ideas, comments or questions post them below!

Don't be shy!!

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  1. Fan: Hi.
    I think it would be good to have games on nights other than monday because I cant always make it that night.
    I think it would also be good to see more coverage in the newspaper or radio because I dont always know who they are playing.

    KP: Thanks for the suggestions! The Cougars have a few games during the season that aren't on Monday but the vast majority are on Monday due to the fact that Cobourg is a little short on rink space and tenants tend to get one night per week.

    The problem could be rectified in conjunction with your second suggestion, namely more promotion of the Cougars in local media. We do have arrangements with Northumberland Today and Star 93.3 in order to promote the Cougars but we are looking at other platforms (like this one!) to increase exposure in the community. If you have any publications in mind that you think the Cougars should be promoted in let us know and we will certainly explore the idea.

    Thanks for the input!