Monday, December 14, 2009

Whistlin' Dixie

No, I'm not talking about this guy.  I'm talking about tonight's game against the Dixie Beehives from the Western division.  The Beehives come into Cobourg for the only time this season sporting a 5-3-1-24 record, good for 20th in the league of 21 teams.

That said, the Cougars should not be taking this game lightly.  They have allowed an average of just under 5 goals per game over their last 6 so instead of playing their usually variety of barnstorming home games, they should take this opportunity against a seemingly beatable opponent to really clamp down and keep things relaxed in their own end.  Heck, I think they should try to win their first 2-goal game of the year!  (Still 10-0 in those.)

Loparco, Demetrius and Gialedakis are the forwards to watch out for tonight but the Cougars really should be able to shut this team down and earn a low-scoring win tonight.

Then again, if I were a betting man (which I'm not) I would definitely take the over on tonight's score.

And now for a quasi-political rant:


Remember him?  He was an integral part of this Cobourg team back in early November when the offense was really hitting its stride.  He has missed the last 12 games or so as a member of the Kitchener Rangers, which is fantastic.  The goal of this league is to provide young players with the experience and skills necessary to climb the hockey ranks.  However, Mr. Morris has been stuck at 9 GP for a while now.  Is he hurt?  Nope.  Suspended?  No again.  Missing?? Still no.

I'm no expert on the intricacies of inter-league player exchanges but I would hazard a guess that a 10th game would require some sort of financial arrangement between the Cougars and Rangers.  The Cougars would be sad to see Branden go, but happy to see him playing in the OHL, and I'm sure Branden would be thrilled to be given that opportunity.  Wasting away in the press box deprives Branden of valuable development and the Cougars of a valuable defenceman.  The Rangers need to make a decision.

Hopefully this is resolved soon, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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