Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Rollercoaster Affair

Well last night's game was entertaining.  In typical Cougars home game fashion the score was altogether too high on both sides.  Through 17 home games this year in the Cobourg Memorial Arena the opposing teams combined for nine or more goals on a ridiculous 13 occasions.  In fact, the lowest totals were in 3-2 losses to Seguin and Durham.  Maybe the nets are a little bigger in Cobourg?  In any case, you're virtually guaranteed to see a nail-biting affair at a Cougar's home game.

Despite taking a 5-2 lead early in the second period the Cougars let the lead slip away in the third and eventually lost 6-5 in a shootout to the Liflock Stars.  Through the three games these teams have played against each other thus far both have earned 4 points each and the games are usually pretty close.  They face each other one last time in Peterborough on Friday, January 22nd in a game that will hopefully have some playoff implications.  Road trip anybody?

Early in the second period it looked like the game was as good as over.  Brooks Behling scored a beauty from his knees in the faceoff circle and Place snuck one through the Cormier's 5-hole to score Cobourg's 3rd and 4th goals respectively.  When Couto scored on the PP to make it 5-2 it seemed like we had a rout on our hands but Peterborough buckled down and steadily chipped away at the lead.  Considering the Stars have a very limited supply of firepower the collapse was particularly vexing.

The Cougars have a busy week ahead, playing on Thursday in Stouffville and Friday in Lindsay.  Hopefully they can get some much needed points in those contests.  They face Dixie next Monday, the worst team in the entire CCHL so come prepared for another overwhelming onslaught of offense.


  1. Keifer MacInnesDecember 10, 2009

    Cougars are not looking to bad this year! Just need a little work and they will hit the playoffs!

  2. I think you're bang on. If the OHL would give them Branden Morris back already they would be in great shape on the blueline. It's hard to maintain consistency on the back end with so much turnover.